Ooredoo Oman New Shahry Plan 2019

Ooredoo Oman New Shahry Plan 2019

New Shahry FAQ’s

  1. Does my New Shahry Plan renew automatically?
    All the new Shahry Plans by default,
  2. renew automatically each month unless you have chosen more than one plan, in that case only your last plan will be on auto-renewal mode.
  3. Is there a limit to the number of New Shahry Plans I can subscribe to simultaneously?
    We don’t see why there should be. You’re free to subscribe to more than one Plan at a time. Do keep in mind that if you choose to subscribe to more than one New Shahry Plan, this will lead to your latest purchase being set to automatic renewal and your previous Plans becoming one-time only Plans.
  4. What happens if my data runs out before my Shahry Plan renews?
    We recommend that you upgrade to a higher New Shahry Plan to increase your data allowance or select an Internet add-on or Digital Club, based on your needs, to continue to access the Internet. However, if you choose not to do so, you will be charged our fixed Pay-As-You-Go Internet rate of 10 Bz for every MB you consume.
  5. What happens if my Shahry Plan expires and I choose not to renew?
    You must have an auto renewal base plan at all times. You cannot choose to stop renewal unless you have at least one auto renewal base plan
  6. Can I upgrade or downgrade my Shahry Plans?
    Absolutely! Whenever you wish to do so, you can always change your Shahry Plans through our Ooredoo Oman App
  7. What happens to my existing allowance if I change from one Plan to another?
    existing Shahry Plan allowance will not be impacted. Once you’ve consumed this allowance, you will start consuming the allowance of your new Shahry Plan
  8. How will I know how much of my Base Plan allowance I have consumed?
    Easy! Track your usage against each of your purchases through the app. But just in case, we’ll send you a reminder when you’ve used 80% and 100% of your available allowances




  1. What is the difference between a New Shahry Plan and ‘Pay As You Go’?
    A New Shahry Plan allows you to track your spending and get more value for less by giving you a fixed allowance of data and local minutes at a fixed cost after which you can choose to buy an add on. Pay-As-You-Go means that you pay for the service you use, when you use it, based on a fixed cost per minute for calls or cost per for internet.
  2. When do I start being charged Pay-As-You-Go?

  3. You will only be charged Pay-As-You-Go in the following scenarios:

You’ve not selected a New Shahry Plan or Shahry Mix
You’ve run out of your plan allowance and you have not subscribed to another Plan or add-on that gives you additional allowance, and your credit limit allows you to continue using the service.
Your data add-on has expired and you’re not subscribed to another add-on that gives you additional allowance and your credit limit allows you to continue using the service.

  1. Can I continue to buy add-ons and bundles if I am on PAYG?
    We don’t see why you shouldn’t be able to! You’re free to subscribe to any of our New Shahry Plans, add-ons and bundles whenever you like, and in fact, we recommend that you do.
  2. What are ‘add-ons’?
    Add-ons are like boosters. They can be purchased with or without a New Shahry Plan but work best when accompanied with one the suits We’ve kept it simple by offering you a range of Voice and Internet add-ons to choose from.

New Shahry Add-ons

Choosing your New Shahry add-on is as easy as picking your favourite colour! Create your perfect shade by adding one or more of our New Shahry add-ons through our app

New Shahry Internet Add-ons

From daily to monthly internet add-ons, MIX IT UP by choosing one or more of our internet add-ons to complement your New Shahry plan

  1. What are ‘add-ons’?
  2. Is a limit to the number of ‘add-ons’ I can add simultaneously?
  3. Will my add-on automatically be renewed?
  4. What happens if my Internet add-on expires and I choose not to renew?
  5. What happens if I subscribe to more than one add-on of the same type at the same time?
  6. What happens if I run out of data before my Internet add-on renews?
  7. If I am subscribed to more than one add-on with different expiry date, which one will be consumed first?

New Shahry Digital Clubs

Looking for something a bit more specific? Digital Clubs have been carefully designed to suit various data lifestyles and needs. MIX IT UP by joining one or more of the Clubs that most represent you:

  1. Is there a limit to the number of ‘Digital Clubs’ I can add simultaneously?
    You may choose to simultaneously subscribe to several Social+ add-ons as often as you’d like. However, for our Stream On and Al7ani add-ons, you can only have one of each add-on at a time. Once you’ve consumed your add-on, you may subscribe to it again
  2. Does AL7ANI cover premium subscription fees from for all partners?
    AL7ANI gives you Endless access to music streaming on Apple Music, Gaana and Saavn. Customers making in-App purchases or accessing premium content through our music partners should take note that these fees will charged separately.
  3. Does Stream On allow me to stream videos in HD?
    Stream On will give you Endless access to YouTube, Vuclip & Ooredoo TV in standard quality viewing.

New Shahry Passport add-ons

MIX IT UP even while on holiday by subscribing to one or more of our New Shahry Ooredoo Passport add-ons. Guess what? Access to the app is not dependent on you having an Internet allowance so it’s never too late to subscribe!


Activation Requirements

Head to your nearest Ooredoo store with the below documents in order to activate your New Shahry plan.

For Omanis:
Copy of your current national ID card.
Proof of income if you’d like a credit limit of more than RO 50.
For non-Omanis:
Copy of your current resident card
Proof of income if you’d like a credit limit of more than RO 30.

Terms & Conditions

ooredooooThe New Digital Shahry bundles are available by application only.
You will not be able to migrate from our new digital plans to the old (non-digital) plans.
The in-bundle minutes and data allowances provided by the New Shahry are for local use only.
All New Shahry add-ons have their own life cycle.
You can purchase any of the add-ons at any time without any limitations.
You will be notified on reaching 80% and 100% of use for your bundles and add-ons.
You can track your data and voice usage and also manage your plans through the Ooredoo Oman app

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